Yemen: Gunmen kill soldier, injure other in attack on military checkpoint
Unidentified gunmen suspected to be al-Qaeda launched a fierce attack on a military checkpoint at six o'clock on Wednesday, killing a soldier and injuring another at the eastern entrance of al-Shahr district in the southeastern province of Hadramout. Initial information indicated that the injured soldier was taken immidiatly to Ibn Sina hospital after he had been received first aid at al-Shahr ho....More
Yemeni Children kidnapped rises to 124 in 2013
U.S. Officials Say Al Qaeda Video Shows Group Still Active
NZ ,Aussie extremists killed in US drone strike in Yemen
Shura's Speaker meets heads of delegations to ASSECAA's meeting
The Yemeni Shura Council’s Speaker Abdul-Rahman Othman has met heads of Sudanese and Algerian delegations partaking in the fifth meeting of the Association of Senates,Shura and Equivalent Councils in Africa and Arab World (ASSECAA). During the meeting, they discussed areas of joint cooperation in developing the activity of ASSECAA, which Yemen hosts the headquarters of its General- Secretari....More
15-year Yemeni girl commits suicide over family dispute
A 15-year Yemeni girl committed suicide because of progressive argument with her father in al-Madhar village , Belad al-Ta'am district of Rayma province western the capital Sana'a. Locals confirmed that she committed the suicide by roping herself and hanging to her room's ceiling after she had stepped on gas cylinder and kicked it aside. Yemen increasingly has been experiencing suicide cases beca....More
Houthi militants blow up military situation , storming Quran school in Mahweet
Yemen Police arrests wanted for kidnapping , fugitive prisoner
Groundwater depletion is the greatest challenge in Yemen, Mujawar
UN Envoy to Yemen: The National Dialogue will lead to radical change
In August of 2012, few jobs could have appeared as thankless and difficult as that as the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy to Yemen. The enormous challenges faced by the poorest state on the Arabian Peninsula—political, economic, social, environmental—must have made helping search for some kind of solution seem an impossible task. Nonetheless, Moroccan-born diplomat Jamal Benomar, pr....More
Al-Khothari: Federalism is a timed-bomb to be exploited by narrow projects powers
Shamsan : When Patriotism missed , small projects emerge
Yemen transition ‘on track’ despite roadblocks
More than 2,400 dead as Obama’s drone campaign marks five years
Five years ago, on January 23, 2009, a CIA drone flattened a house in Pakistan’s tribal regions. It was the third day of Barack Obama’s presidency, and this was the new commander-in-chief’s first covert drone strike. Initial reports said up to ten militants were killed, including foreign fighters and possibly a ‘high-value target’ — a successful first hit for th....More
Akhdam: A look into lives of Yemen’s untouchables
Drones Speak for America in Yemen
Activist &observers: Displacing Dammaj residents ..crime undermining social coexistence
Wenger revels in old guards' show
Arsenal, fielding a side with average age of 29, return to the top-four in Premier League with a 3-1 win over West Ham.Arsenal Wenger took a risk by picking Arsenal's old guard against West Ham United but it paid off with a 3-1 win as his weary side regained fourth place in the Premier League. The Frenchman fielded a team with an average age of 29 at the Emirates, with Olivier Giroud their younges....More
Federer, Nadal progress at Monte Carlo
Martinez laughs off reported Liverpool bid for Barkley
Manchester United make shock move for Barcelona midfielder Song
Syria torture photos ‘credible’ says U.N. council
Leaked images allegedly showing Syrians tortured by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have been described by the U.N. Security Council as evidence of systematic torture and mass killings. During an informal meeting organized by France on Tuesday, the 15 member council viewed some of 55,000 photographs, reportedly smuggled out by a Syrian ex-military official. The pictures, which were descri....More
Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar steps down from post
Syria at 'critical moment', China tells opposition chief
Jordanian warplanes destroy vehicles trying to cross from Syria: spokesman
Israel plots Arab coalition against resistance: Analyst
srael plans to create a new coalition with rich Arab countries in the Middle East to go into a "direct confrontation" with the resistance front from Iran to Lebanon, “They [Israelis] have a new plan in the region…we might see in the future some sort of new league created, led by the Israelis ... and getting enough help from rich Arab countries to supply all the power and arm....More
Ukraine forces join pro-Russia activists
Karzai Slams Deadly US Airstrike in East Afghanistan
Zarif: no fear of hardliners on nuclear deal
Mum Who Glued Daughter To Wall Gets 99 Years
US woman who admitted beating her two-year-old daughter and gluing her hands to a wall because of potty training problems has been sentenced to 99 years in jail. Elizabeth Escalona had pleaded guilty in July to causing injury to her toddler Jocelyn Cedillo. Prosecutors had sought 45 years behind bars - but the state district judge chose to impose an even stiffer sentence. "Only a monster glue....More
Duke scientist shares Nobel chemistry prize
"Civilian youth voice" undertaken be Global change makers in Sana'a
How can leaders reduce the practices of corruption?
Yemen strives to save historic city of Zabid
The Yemeni government is undertaking numerous efforts to preserve the status of the historic city of Zabid as a world heritage site, officials told Al-Shorfa. In April, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) warned it would remove Zabid -- located in Hodeidah province -- from its World Heritage List unless the government improved conditions in the city within....More
The door of the Kaaba remains one of history’s mysteries
UNESCO asks Sana'a to take practical actions for rescuing Zabid town
Yemeni paints with camera lens

The political editor
Yemen is the surprise story of the Arab Spring

Drones getting closer to home

Yemen in Arab spring

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Fighting terror with terror

Yemen's Tawakul Karman confident that change is unfolding

Arab Spring 2013: Revolutionary wave enters a third year

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Yemen: Technical barriers hinder country's tendency towards Arab Economic Integration

South Korea takes 40% stake in UAE oilfields

China signs $6 billion loan to Venezuela

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Arab in Persian Media
Iran plot to turn political prisoner to anti-MKO agent

Larijani concerned over conflicts inside mullah regime

Rajavi: it's time to topple mullah regime in Iran

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